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  • " The LeverKnot® system has allowed me to reduce the time it takes to put up my net. They are so easy to use-my athletes love them since they don't have to worry about tying knots anymore. I love them not only for their function, but for the cost as well-the LeverKnots are extremely inexpensive."
  • " LeverKnots are such a simple product but absolutely essential to quick and efficient net set-up. I love that they look neat and clean on the net with no dangling ropes or frayed ends. This is truly an ingenious system and I will never tie a knot again!"
  Rachel Short - University of Texas at Tyler, Head Volleyball Coach

  • " LeverKnot provides a sturdy and simple tightening system for our volleyball net system."
  • " We have not had to replace them for an entire camp season or volleyball season."
  Laura Farina - Auburn University, Head Volleyball coach

  • " I have found the LeverKnot to be a new and innovative way to tighten our net system. "
  • " It is very user friendly and easy to work with."
  Judy Green - University of Alabama, Head Volleyball coach

  • " I like a nice, neat, professional-looking net system, and the LeverKnot allows us to have that."
  • " If I did a regular knot, over the course of practice it's gonna loosen up, loosen up, loosen up. You might have to retie them to keep the net tight. I haven't had to adjust the LeverKnots during the league nor have I had to do it during camp. Since we set these up Monday night, we haven't touched them and they're still very tight."

Laura Taube - University of Alabama in Huntsville, Head Volleyball coach

  • " Two seasons ago, we purchased a Senoh volleyball net system at Bob Jones High School in Madison. Senoh's reputation for quality and durability was a deciding factor in our decision. Included with the system were six Velcro straps, for helping maintain net tension. My players and I wrestled with the straps each time we put the net up for practice. The straps adhered to themselves and were easily tangled. This past July, I had the great fortune to meet Dan Spearing, who introduced me to the LeverKnot. We replaced our Velcro straps, and I couldn't be more pleased. The LeverKnot is easier to fasten, doesn't tangle, and saves time in putting our nets up for practices and match play. Not to mention, the net stays in perfect tension throughout each practice and match. I purchased a second set for my junior varsity net system, and they work just as well. I highly recommend the LeverKnot for your volleyball net, whatever system you have."

Libby Hoffman - Bob Jones High School, Head Volleyball coach

  • " It looks a whole lot better, the net stays tighter longer, kids of all ages can use it, and they're much easier to use when you put the pads on for competition."
  • " During the last two weeks of camp, I set up the nets every day, and the great thing about the LeverKnot is I've had all ages use it. Kids 12 years old, and 18-year-olds, and all of them have been able to use it... some of them don't have the strength to pull and tie at the same time, but with the LeverKnot, they just slip the rope on there and pull -- it's definitely much easier."
  Tanya Wigley - Grissom High School, Head Volleyball coach for numerous 6A Alabama State Champion teams and NASA club.

  • " The ties usually came undone and we had to keep retying them, but with the LeverKnot, you get it on one time and it stays."
  • " We get the net up and down real quick with the LeverKnot."
  MacKenzie Wilson - 14 year old club and high school player.


Some current users include:

  • Alabama School for the Deaf
  • Antelope Valley College
  • Auburn University
  • Bob Jones High School
  • Jacksonville State University


  • Bragg Middle School
  • Grissom High School
  • Georgia Southern
  • Stillman College
  • University Of Tennessee


  • University of Alabama
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • University of Texas Tyler
  • Mississippi State University


The LeverKnot is made in the U.S.A. and protected under U.S. Patent Number 6,839,942.

P.O. Box 4004 Huntsville, AL 35815
Ph: 256.508.3644
Fax: 256.650.5585