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  • Are you tired of tying knots when setting up your Volleyball Net system?
  • Do you coach a young team and watch your players struggle to get the net tight?
  • Are you settling for a practice net that is not as tight as the net your team uses in competition?
  • Has the need for a slight adjustment caused you to have to un-tie and retie or to take your pads off?
  • Are your Velcro® straps hard to work with or do they break?


The LeverKnot®:

  • Eliminates the need to tie knots when setting up the net.
  • Is easy to adjust and keeps the net tight during play.
  • Releases easily when taking down the net.
  • Is much stronger than Velcro®.
  • Can be used to keep the net bundled together during transport or storage.

Here is what some of our users have to say:      
" This is truly an ingenious system and I will never tie a knot again!"    
" We replaced our Velcro® straps, and I couldn't be more pleased."
" I like a nice, neat, professional-looking net system, and the LeverKnot allows us to have that."
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Click here to see how to get a set for your net.

The following directions are viewable in PDF format here .

Using the LeverKnot to adjust the horizontal tension of a volleyball net.


The first time the LeverKnots are used, tie the non-looped end of the rope to the metal eyelets on the side of the volleyball net. We recommend the Bowline knot below as it is very secure and yet easy to untie if adjustments become necessary.

Then, wrap the looped end of the rope around the volleyball upright and place the loop through and over the end of the LeverKnot.


Tighten by either:      

Pulling the LeverKnot away from the upright.

Or, pulling the net and the LeverKnot towards each other.

When the LeverKnot is released it rotates back towards the rope and stays in place.
NOTE: It may be necessary to adjust how the ropes are tied to the net to provide the widest range of adjustment for your net system. We recommend the position of the LeverKnot to be approximately midway between the upright and the net when at full tension.

Lock the LeverKnot in place by pinching the end of the LeverKnot and the rope together and sliding the metal D-ring up within the slot until it snaps into the notch.

Simple and secure. No knots to tie or un-tie.


To remove:
  • Unlock by pinching the end of the LeverKnot and the rope together and pushing the D-ring in and down within the slot.
  • Rotate the LeverKnot away from the rope and slide it towards the upright.
  • Remove the loop from the end.

Using the LeverKnot to bundle a net for transport or storage.


Roll the net up in a manner that allows access the LeverKnot assemblies tied to the net. Assemble the LeverKnot around the net as shown below.

Grab the LeverKnot and rope as shown below and pull (similar to tightening a belt).




Pull the slack rope through the hole at the end of the LeverKnot. The tension keeps it in place.


To remove, simply pull the end of the LeverKnot away from the net bundle and remove the rope.


The LeverKnot is made in the U.S.A. and protected under U.S. Patent Number 6,839,942.

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