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Any length rope of the appropriate diameter will work with the LeverKnot®. Simply thread the rope through the LeverKnot as shown and tie a loop on the end.

We recommend tying a loop with a bowline knot as it is very secure and yet easy to un-tie if necessary. However, a loop tied with a simple overhand knot works well too.

Bowline Knot



Overhand Knot

Attach the rope by placing the loop through and over the end of the LeverKnot (A). Pull the rope to secure it in the groove (B).

Simply reverse the above steps to remove.

Linear Method

Adjust a length of rope by pulling the LeverKnot along the rope as shown.

Tighten by pulling and twisting as shown.

Lock by sliding the D-ring up within the slot until it snaps into the notch.

The D-ring keeps the rope at the correct angle to stay bound within the hole. It also helps keep the LeverKnot in place if the rope becomes slack.


Unlock by pushing the D-ring in and down the slot.

Linear-Looped Method

The LeverKnot’s unique locking feature and simple rope attachment method allow it to be used with objects of almost any size. This is helpful when securing from/to larger objects.

Place the looped end of the rope around an object and follow the same steps as with the Linear Method.

To assist in locking the D-ring when securing larger objects, pinch the end of the LeverKnot and the rope together.

The LeverKnot is simple and secures things fast with no loose rope.

Adjustments can be made very easy. Simply unlock the D-ring, tighten and re-lock the D-ring.

Looped Method

The LeverKnot can also be used to create a secure loop. This makes it easy to fasten objects together.

Wrap the looped end of the rope around the objects to be secured. Slide the D-ring up into the locked position. Grab the rope below the D-ring and pull in the direction shown. This action is similar to tightening a belt.

Pull the slack through the hole in the bottom of the LeverKnot.


To release, simply pull the end of the LeverKnot away as shown below.

Using the LeverKnot in the looped method with hooks or other hardware allows you to create a tie-down that is only a few inches in length.

See some of the applications for the LeverKnot.


The LeverKnot is made in the U.S.A. and protected under U.S. Patent Number 6,839,942.

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